Attorney Biography

Tamara Holder is an attorney, as well as a television commentator on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News on legal and progressive issues. The Chicago Sun-Times recognized Holder as “One of 50 people Who Make Chicago a Better Place.” Holder focuses her legal work on governors’ pardons, clemency, commutation of sentence, as well as workplace abuse, including sexual harassment and discrimination. For over a decade, Holder has successfully helped her clients seek clemency and governors’ pardons from Illinois Governors Rauner, Quinn, and Blagojevich. She also seeks pardons and clemency for clients in other states. She also seeks pardons and clemency for clients in other states. In 2005, she founded, a website providing legal advice to thousands seeking to expunge and seal their criminal records, including dismissed arrests, and both misdemeanor and felony convictions. Now, the Founder of The Pardon Group, Tamara Holder continues to help her clients receive governors’ pardons, clemency, and commutation of sentence.

Holder obtained a Congressional hearing before the Committee on Homeland Security on the issue of improper employment practices. She also testified as an expert witness on wrongful termination before the Congressional Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Holder herself is a survivor of workplace abuse – sexual assault. Determined to empower other victims of abuse, Holder shared her story through The New York Times, despite being told she would forever be labeled as “toxic” for speaking out. Within only a matter of months of this story, Holder helped a young woman settle a sexual harassment claim against an executive at a major restaurant chain. Through Holder’s legal work, her client obtained nearly 10 times the original amount offered. Contact an experienced Chicago governors’ pardons, workplace & labor lawyer today, we can help.