Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has pardoned three of our clients!

Client A was convicted of felony possession of marijuana many years ago. He has since married, had children, and cares for his elderly parents. Our client was facing deportation for this non-violent crime. If deported, he would have lost his entire family, and his family would have lost him. This man was a contributing member of society for his entire life, but for a single mistake many years ago.

Client B was pardoned for a felony conviction over 30 years ago following an incident where sprayed Mace at her neighbor out of fear. The neighbor was not injured. She had no other incidents with the law before this incident and yet was made a convicted felon for life. This conviction stopped her from ever gaining legitimate employment.

Client C was also a convicted-felon-for-life for possessing marijuana thirty years ago. He was not part of a drug cartel nor was he a drug dealer. He was just foolish. This conviction prevented him from numerous job opportunities despite being hard-working, educated, and capable.

Thank you Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board for allowing our clients to continue the rest of their lives without "convicted felon" following them everywhere they go. We are so grateful, as are they and their families.

Illinois Governor Pritzker recently granted our client clemency, in the form of a pardon with the authorization to expunge, for his felony forgery and felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle convictions.

Since these convictions, almost 25 years ago, our client has married, become a father, gone to college and graduate school, and become a valued employee.

Thank you to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, as well as to Governor Pritzker and his staff, for granting our client's petition for clemency.

April 7, 2020

Today, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker granted clemency for our client and commuted his sentence. He's going home!

Our client was just 14 years old when he was charged as an adult for a gun-sale-gone-bad involving his adult cousin and a man who was attempting to purchase an illegal firearm. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

13 years later, on April 7, 2020, Gov. Pritzker commuted our client's sentence, releasing him 12 years early from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC petitioned Gov. Pritzker for their client's early release just last year. Literally, in April of 2019, we presented our case to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. While in prison, our client became involved in rehabilitation organizations, he became an accomplished artist, and he took advantage of every educational opportunity available, albeit the opportunities were slim.

Helping this young get his freedom back is one of Tamara's proudest moments of her 15-year career as an equal rights and pardon attorney.

We wish our client the very best. While he was incarcerated, he became an incredible artist and motivational speaker. We know he's going to have a great life as a free man. We look forward to filing another petition for a complete pardon - total forgiveness - one day down the road.

Thank you to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board and its staff, as well as to Gov. Pritzker, his legal team and staff.


On January 19, 2019, outgoing Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner granted our client clemency. This client was just one of 30 pardons granted by Governor Rauner. (Another client also received clemency in this batch!)

Our client was convicted of two offenses: Fleeing and eluding a police officer, 40 years prior, and, domestic battery, 20 years prior.

Attached is a copy of the pardon!

If you are interested in seeking clemency from Governor JB Pritzker, or a governor outside of Illinois, please contact Tamara Holder for a free evaluation.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner granted clemency, in the form of a pardon with authorization to expunge, to two of Tamara Holder's clients today!

Both clients had retained Ms. Holder for their initial filings and both were denied by then-Governor Pat Quinn. One client was convicted of Burglary in the 80s. Another client was convicted of misdemeanor Domestic Battery in the 90s.

Ms. Holder always expresses to clients that they may be denied on their first try but that, if they keep asking and continue to present a solid petition, they will, hopefully, one day be successful.

Ms. Holder is so thankful for her clients' confidence in her work and willingness to stay the course, even if we weren't successful the first time around.

It is impossible to know "why" a pardon is not granted. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board (the body that hears all cases, regardless of whether you're in prison) only makes a confidential advisory opinion to the governor. And the governor's reason for his decision is also confidential.

But if you compile the best presentation of your life, all you can do is present a solid petition and believe that you'll be successful! 

Ms. Holder is now filing petitions for clemency, pardon, commutation of sentence before Governor J.B. Pritzker. Since 2006, she has filed nearly 120 pardons before Governors Blagojevich, Quinn, and Rauner, in addition to filing hundreds of petitions to expunge and seal.

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