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FINALLY! Incoming Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Will Grant Pardons

For 8 years, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker refused to pardon a single person. A pardon is an executive act of forgiveness. Governor Walker did not believe in second chances.

In an interview with Madison radio station WKOW, Governor Evers said,

“We will get that board up and running and utilize the constitutional authority that the governor has. I think most people in the state understand that people are going to be rehabilitated, need a second chance. This gives people the second chance.”

In 2013, Gov. Walker refused to grant a single pardon to over 1400 petitioners. (By comparison, between 2008-2013,  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn had granted 842 pardons out of 2,237 petitions.) The Associated Press reports in the past twenty-five years, two Republican governors combined to issue 86 pardons, and Democratic Governor Jim Doyle issued nearly 300.

Chicago clemency and pardon attorney Tamara Holder & her team are ready to help those with a conviction in Wisconsin seek forgiveness and a second chance. The majority of people who have felony records never served a day in prison but rather took probation, to avoid prison…and most likely not realizing it was a life sentence…and yet have gone on to live lives as law-abiding, contributing members of society.


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