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A former female patient, identified as Jane Doe, has filed a lawsuit alleging she was sexually assaulted by AMITA Health/Alexian Brothers-affiliated gynecologist Dr. Samuel Botros, owner of Med Spa Women’s Health Center. The lawsuit alleges:

  • Ms. Doe had known Dr. Samuel Botros since 2012, when her insurance company assigned her to him for her obstetric care. He delivered her son at Alexian Brothers’ Elk Grove hospital in 2013. In subsequent years, he performed her annual gynecological exams.
    She grew to trust him implicitly as a result of his obstetric and gynecological care over the course of 5-years.
  • In 2017, after he performed her annual gynecological exam, he offered her a job as a laser technician. He also offered to train and certify her. She accepted this job.
    As part of her job training, Botros told Ms. Doe that she needed to experience the laser hair removal procedure herself.
  • During the second procedure, after performing laser on the front of her bikini area, Ms. Doe waited – with protective goggles on – for his instruction to turn onto her stomach so he could laser the backside of her pubic area. In an instant, Ms. Doe felt a bulge – that felt like an erection – press against her her arm and a hand grab her breast while simultaneously hearing Botros’ voice whisper in her ear, “I always wanted to taste you.” When Ms. Doe removed the goggles, Botros’ head was between her legs and he was licking the inside of her vagina.
  • Ms. Doe immediately sat up on the table, pushed Botros’ head away from her vagina and said something to the effect of, “What are you doing?!?” Botros immediately apologized, said that he was having marital problems, and then rushed out of the room.
  • Ms. Doe did not report Botros, who was now her boss, to the police immediately because she was afraid of losing her job. Botros, however, immediately changed her work schedule, without warning, to avoid having contact with her after she refused his sexual advances.
  • Ms. Doe continued to work for Botros for an entire year, until, in 2018, he “replaced” her after she went on a vacation that he had previously approved.
  • Ms. Doe entered therapy after her termination and filed a complaint with the Department of Human Rights for retaliation.
  • Ms. Doe has reported the sexual assault to the police. The police are also investigating other reports of sexual misconduct. Ms. Doe received, and reported information to police, that Botros impregnated another patient-employee, and sexually assaulted and harassed other female employees.

Chicago-based attorney Tamara Holder, a former progressive legal host/analyst on Fox News Channel who now focuses her work on institutional abuse and professional misconduct, filed the complaint in DuPage County. “Sexual predators who hide behind their medical licenses, and inside of major hospitals and private clinics, are finally being exposed. We are shining a light on doctors who ruin countless trusting patients’ lives to satisfy their own sexually deviant desires,” says Holder.

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