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Age Discrimination Lawyer

Many times, companies that engage in flagrant age discrimination are careful not to put their unlawful intentions in writing. Instead, they employ one of the oldest tricks in the book by assigning excess work to older workers or giving them projects for which they haven’t been trained so that the employer can claim the performance improvement plan (“PIP”) or termination is due to a decline in performance. Another tactic is to transfer older employees into roles with far fewer responsibilities, challenges, or opportunities in the hopes the employees will become discouraged and leave.

Flagrant age discrimination is sometimes a business strategy. For example, allegedly, tech-giant IBM called older workers “dinobabies” that must be turned into “an extinct species.” Prior to this revelation, employees had accused the company of age discrimination for years. Yet the company is still denying it adopted an explicit strategy of purging older workers from its ranks to replace them with “early professionals” and millennial-generation workers.

Age discrimination takes many forms: being devalued, shunned, demoted, or fired because of age, which is illegal. As an age discrimination attorney, Tamara N. Holder goes after employers who commit unlawful age discrimination. Tamara Holder knows the tricks, the loopholes, and the excuses employers try to hide behind. She can advise older workers about what to look for, what to document, and whether they have a compelling case.

Let’s be clear: age discrimination is difficult to prove. Employers have learned ways to disguise age discrimination and deflect blame for adverse actions against employees to the employees themselves. Tamara N. Holder won’t let them get away with dodging responsibility for discrimination based on age.

If you’ve noticed age discrimination in the workplace, such as changes in work assignments, demotion without cause, transfers to lower-paying roles with little opportunity for growth, or termination in favor of a younger hire with less experience and fewer skills, contact an age discrimination lawyer today.