Approximately One In Four Undergraduate Women Experienced Sexual Assault Or Misconduct At 33 Of The Nation's Major Universities

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Title IX Lawyer

Tamara Holder represents female and LGBTQI+ students against rape, as well as discrimination due to pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity in education programs or activities under Title IX.

Title IX protects female students against rape, including fraternity rape, discrimination due to pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity in education programs or activities. The protection of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is best known as the law that enabled gender equality in school sports programs. But its protections go much further than sports. It protects people from sexual assault and rape, classifying those criminal offenses as forms of discrimination on the basis of sex. Title IX declares the following:

“No person in the United States should, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

That’s a very broad prohibition that covers a wide variety of sex discrimination in schools, colleges, universities, and other federally funded programs. The “participation in” section has gotten the most attention because of its links to high-profile cases where women have sought equity in sports in schools and on college campuses.

But the “denied the benefits of” section can apply to campuses and activities that subject people to sexual harassment, stalking, campus rape and other forms of sexual violence, exposure to pornography, or other actions that make it impossible for victims to gain the benefit of the education or activity they are trying to pursue.

Title IX also protects students from crimes including sexual assault and rape. Tamara represents students who have been raped on college campuses, from the reporting through the investigation and the Title IX hearing. In recent years, colleges and universities have been known to bungle investigations, dismiss complaints, and issue meek punishments that let rapists remain on campus. Tamara Holder will ensure that institutions are held accountable and that they follow all necessary steps to ensure that sexual predators are removed from campus environments.

Sometimes victims of Title IX discrimination may not realize that the program they are trying to participate in receives federal funds. In other situations, they may not recognize the benefits they’re being denied by educational environments or programs that don’t afford them full participation or that make full participation impossible because of hostility, threats, assaults, or harassment. Contact the Law Office of Tamara Holder for help from a Title IX defense lawyer to understand if your situation falls under the protection of Title IX and, if so, what can be done about it.

As a Title IX lawyer, Tamara Holder represents female and LGBTQI+ students who allege they have been denied the benefit of federally funded educational programs or activities by obtaining injunctive relief, which is a court order compelling the school or program to comply with Title IX, and sometimes compensation.


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