More than 3,100 doctors in the US were disciplined after being accused of sexual infractions.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2016
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We are women representing women against sexual abuse.
We built the largest doctor-patient sexual abuse case in Illinois' history.
Fabio Ortega since 2019. We have settled DOZENS of cases on behalf of women sexually abused by convicted sex offender, OBGYN Fabio Ortega. Many women have filed and settled lawsuits against gynecologist Fabio Ortega and Swedish Covenant Health in Cook County Circuit Court.
In October 2021, Ortega pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two female NorthShore patients and was sentenced to three years in prison. He served one year and was released on October 28, 2022. Despite Ortega pleading guilty to sexually assaulting two patients, Chicago-based hospital groups, NorthShore and Swedish, continue to defend their institutions and Ortega from liability, claiming that their trusting female patients are either confused or lying; or, if the sexual assaults did happen, the hospitals are not responsible for Ortega’s abuses. One woman alleges that Ortega sexually assaulted her at Swedish when she was just 14 years old. According to numerous lawsuits filed by attorney Tamara Holder, NorthShore knew about Ortega, yet it continued to allow him to work with unfettered access to female patients. The lawsuits also allege that even after NorthShore became aware of a criminal investigation into Ortega in early 2017, it continued to allow him to see women behind closed doors and sexually assault them. Further, the lawsuits allege that NorthShore failed to warn its patients that other women had accused Ortega of sexually perverted conduct, and failed to fully investigate its patients’ complaints

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The doctor-patient relationship is supposed to be one of the most sacred, and trusted relationships. But, unfortunately, some doctors violate that trust. Doctor sexual abuse can have devastating consequences to victims.

As a patient rights lawyer, Tamara Holder is currently litigating the largest known case of doctor-patient sexual assault in the State of Illinois’s history. The defendants, Northshore University Health System and Swedish Hospital, are large health care providers accused of harboring gynecologist Fabio Ortega – a convicted sex offender – who used his position of trust to groom female patients to disguise his sexual assaults during gynecological exams.

Prominent cases across the country make it clear that doctor-patient sexual abuse may be more common than previously believed. Many victims are afraid to come forward or have suppressed their memory of abuse from years prior. An accusation of sexual assault against a medical professional is profoundly serious; if proven, the allegation can end a career. Victims are often afraid of being disbelieved or subjected to counteraccusations and lawsuits. In the event they decide to come forward, patients must feel that they are protected by a lawyer.

If you believe you are the victim of doctor sexual abuse, know that you can contact Attorney Tamara Holder to discuss your case in absolute confidence. Privacy and confidentiality are central values of the legal profession and of Tamara Holder’s law practice. As a sexual assault lawyer, Holder can explain what’s at stake when bringing a case against an abuser or a healthcare system believed to have facilitated, ignored, or covered up a doctor’s history of sexual abuse of patients. As a patient sexual assault lawyer, Holder can assess the case and determine a recommended course of action to end the alleged abuse and take steps to ensure it would never happen again.


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