69% Of Women Say They Have Experienced Sexual Harassment In The Workplace.

Pew Research Center, 2018
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Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Tamara Holder is a workplace sexual harassment lawyer who has represented employees against large companies including Twin Peaks Restaurants, Church’s Chicken, GFL Environmental, and Allied Universal Security, for permitting sexual harassment in the workplace, imposing sexualized dress codes, ranking employees for preferential treatment based on their perceived sexual attractiveness, and ignoring complaints of sexual harassment.

Unwelcome sexual comments and advances in the workplace are illegal, even if you are not physically touched. While physical assault or inappropriate touching are certainly forms of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct in the workplace can take the form of unwelcome comments that are sexual in nature, inappropriate or offensive displays of sexually explicit images or materials in the workplace, or unfair treatment based on the refusal to succumb to sexual advances.

In the most severe cases of sexual harassment, workers are subjected to unwanted sexual advances, physical assaults, or violations of privacy (such as hidden cameras in restrooms) that create hostile work environments based on gender.

In work environments where a person in power feels safe harassing employees, it is not unusual to discover that multiple employees have been subjected to inappropriately sexualized workplace behavior or harassment. Where unwanted sexual advances, remarks, or pornographic visual images are common, those who feel free in creating such a toxic working atmosphere may find themselves accused by several highly credible current or former employees who collectively have witnessed inappropriate and legally actionable behavior.

If you and your coworkers feel that your working conditions are intolerable due to sexual harassment, or if you have been the victim of a workplace sexual assault, contact an experienced sexual harassment victim’s lawyer like Tamara Holder.

As a sexual misconduct lawyer, Tamara Holder can help employees determine if they have a viable case against a current or former employer. Tamara can create a path toward legal action that could hold the accused employer accountable. If you and your coworkers have had enough of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace, contact the Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC, for representation.


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