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COMPLAINT: Top-Ranked Gucci Employee Alleges Age & Gender Discrimination, Retaliation

COMPLAINT: Top-Ranked Gucci Employee Alleges Age & Gender Discrimination, Retaliation

Gucci Accused of Age & Gender Discrimination, Retaliation

Top-Ranked employee has sold over $40 Million for the luxury brand 

The Law Firm of Tamara N Holder, LLC, has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of a 18-year veteran female employee, accusing Gucci of discriminating against her based on her age and disability. She also accuses the company of retaliating against her when she complained.

The woman, who is represented by attorney Tamara Holder, alleges in her filing:

  • She has sold over $40M sold in 18 years.
  • For years, she has been ranked #1 in sales in her store, selling over $500,000 in merchandise in December 2022.
  • Gucci has failed to compensate her for selling their products around the clock. 
  • Despite her ranking, Gucci refuses to provide the woman - who is over 40 years old - with the same opportunities as her younger colleagues.
  • Gucci provides younger associates with assistants but refuses to give her the same help. Gucci also sends younger associates to international selling events but does not extend the offer to her, too. 
  • Gucci also engages in ageism with its customer base, denying perks to her older customers. As just one example, when she nominated a top-spending, older customer for Billie Eilish tickets, they told her, “Corporate wants a younger, GenZ audience. He is better suited for Elton John.”
  • She has continuously complained about discrimination, including to Gucci CEO Marco Bizzari. In response, Gucci has either ignored her, asked for “more time,” or written her up, in an effort to push her out of the company altogether. 
  • Despite knowing she suffers from anxiety and depression, she has been called “crazy,” and told that she has to choose between her career and her health.


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