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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has pardoned three of our clients!

Client A was convicted of felony possession of marijuana many years ago. He has since married, had children, and cares for his elderly parents. Our client was facing deportation for this non-violent crime. If deported, he would have lost his entire family, and his family would have lost him. This man was a contributing member of society for his entire life, but for a single mistake many years ago.

Client B was pardoned for a felony conviction over 30 years ago following an incident where sprayed Mace at her neighbor out of fear. The neighbor was not injured. She had no other incidents with the law before this incident and yet was made a convicted felon for life. This conviction stopped her from ever gaining legitimate employment.

Client C was also a convicted-felon-for-life for possessing marijuana thirty years ago. He was not part of a drug cartel nor was he a drug dealer. He was just foolish. This conviction prevented him from numerous job opportunities despite being hard-working, educated, and capable.

Thank you Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board for allowing our clients to continue the rest of their lives without “convicted felon” following them everywhere they go. We are so grateful, as are they and their families.

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