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Look Sharp Dry Cleaners in Bowling Green fires employee for being a nursing mother, EEOC charge alleges

This week, The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC filed an EEOC charge on behalf of our client, against Look Sharp, a Bowling Green dry cleaning company, for discrimination after the company’s owner, Trae Hill, terminated a new mother from employment because the job was “not the healthiest environment for someone still nursing a baby.”

Yet, Look Sharp publicly claims to be “the greener dry cleaner” and that its form of cleaning clothing is “safe, effective and smart.”

Mr. Hill terminated the young mother from employment via text, telling her:

“I really appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to be a part of our team. However, I don’t feel that our environment is the best thing for you, especially only 8 weeks after becoming a new mom and still providing milk to your new baby. As you know, the position requires you to be around a lot of chemicals and breathing them on a consistent basis would not be the healthiest environment for someone still nursing a baby. So I’m sorry, but I have to let today be your last day with us. I have no doubt there are more suitable jobs for you out there.”

When the young mother objected to her firing, Mr. Hill said, “My only concern was the sincere safety of Ms. Miranda’s weeks-old baby, whom she was still nursing at the time. It’s alarming to consider even the possibility of a potential impact and possible long-term effects on a newborn.”

We believe our client was illegally fired, in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as Amended, and Kentucky Civil Rights Act, and look forward to an investigation by the EEOC and Kentucky Commission on Human Rights.

Text from Trae Hill, Look Sharp Dry Cleaners, Bowling Green

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