More lawsuits against NorthShore University HealthSystem alleging sexual abuse by gynecologist Fabio Ortega

More lawsuits against NorthShore University HealthSystem alleging sexual abuse by gynecologist Fabio Ortega

This week, our firm filed additional lawsuits against NorthShore University HealthSystem and gynecologist Fabio Ortega. Ortega worked at clinics in Skokie, Evanston, Lincolnwood, and Evanston Hospital, and potentially other hospitals including Highland Park.

The Chicago Tribune reported some information about the new lawsuits:

At least three of the women in the new lawsuits came forward after seeing news reports of Ortega’s arrest and the earlier accusations, according to their lawsuits. All four new lawsuits were filed for the women by the same attorney, Tamara Holder.

In one of the four new lawsuits, filed Monday, a 35-year-old Chicago woman alleges that when she visited Ortega in 2013 at NorthShore’s Lincolnwood clinic to see if she had suffered a miscarriage, he asked her “deeply personal questions.” She was so upset with his behavior, that she refused to be seen by him for future appointments, the lawsuit alleges.

But shortly after she delivered a child in 2016 at Evanston Hospital, Ortega was the doctor on call and he touched her without medical need, sexually assaulting her, before she was discharged, the lawsuit alleges.

In another lawsuit filed Monday, a 40-year-old Chicago resident alleges that when she visited NorthShore’s Lincolnwood clinic in 2016, concerned that she was going through early menopause, Ortega sexually assaulted her.

A third woman, a 42-year-old Evanston resident, also alleges Ortega sexually assaulted her during a 2014 exam at the Lincolnwood clinic, in another lawsuit filed Monday.

And in a lawsuit first filed Thursday, a 34-year-old Skokie woman alleges that Ortega sexually assaulted her at Evanston Hospital, touching her unnecessarily after she gave birth to her third child in August 2017. The alleged incident occurred just days after Skokie police had questioned him about allegations of sexually assaulting a different patient, according to the lawsuit.

All four new lawsuits allege that NorthShore failed to warn patients about Ortega and protect them from him.

“Year after year, NorthShore dismissed and covered-up complaints about Ortega, allowed him to continue work with unfettered access to its female patients, and then billed them for his abuses masked as medically necessary care,” the lawsuits allege.

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