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PATIENT SEXUAL ASSAULT: NorthShore University HealthSystem & gynecologist Dr. Fabio Ortega sued

This week, The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder filed suit against NorthShore University HealthSystem and gynecologist Dr. Fabio Ortega. Here is the article in the Chicago Tribune.

Our complaint alleges the OBGYN groomed our client, and used his position of trust to sexually assault her during an exam. She believed the exam was medically necessary when, in fact, it was only to satisfy his sexual desires. Our client did not know she was sexually assaulted until she reported to the police that she was upset about his questioning about her sex life with her husband, not the exam. It was only after she reported the entire incident that she learned that his exam was not standard and medically necessary.

Tamara Holder is a unique attorney who represents women of sexual abuse: She is a victim of sexual assault herself. Tamara publicly told her story to the New York Times in 2017, before the Me Too and Times Up movements. She understands fear. She understands the need for confidentiality. She understands confusion. Any call you make to Tamara Holder is completely confidential and she is always available to talk to any victim of sexual abuse. 

If you have information about Dr. Ortega that may be helpful to our case, please call Tamara Holder directly at 847-651-7222.

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