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“One of 50 people Who Make Chicago a Better Place” – The Chicago Sun-Times, 2008

The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC is a boutique practice, founded in 2005 by Chicago-based attorney Tamara Holder.

In addition to maintaining a law practice, Tamara is a nationally recognized progressive legal analyst. For almost a decade, worked for Fox News Channel – the nation’s most-watched cable news channel – as a progressive legal analyst, and hosted “Sports Court.”  Tamara also built a legal clinic at Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.’s “Rainbow Push Coalition,” where she helped inner-city men and women on a variety of issues from public housing discrimination to workplace discrimination.

Having practiced law for over 15 years, Tamara and her team are focused on ending institutional abuse – from reforming the prison industry to ending sexual abuse inside of healthcare institutions and the workplace alike. A little more about our work:

  • “We just want to work”: We stand up for women sexually harassed and retaliated against in the workplace.
  • We demand accountability: From health care institutions that allowed doctor-patient sexual abuse, to restaurant chains that allow sexual harassment in the workplace, we demand top-down accountability.
  • We help contributing members of society seek clemency/pardons for past crimes
  • Tamara has testified before the U.S. Congress and also obtained a Congressional hearing.
  • Tamara worked for Fox News – she created/hosted  “Sports Court,” and served as progressive legal analyst.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Sexual Assault and Abuse: We represent victims of sexual abuse at the hands of men in positions of power, including male bosses and male doctors, particularly gynecologists. She and her team currently have the largest-known case of doctor-patient sexual abuse in the State of Illinois’ history against NorthShore University HealthSystem and Swedish Hospital for harboring indicted gynecologist Fabio Ortega. She wrote the foreword to the book “Hanging on by my Fingernails”, about domestic violence in marriage and divorce. A survivor of sexual assault and abuse herself, Tamara is devoted to representing women who are in the position she was once in herself.
  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace: Tamara has successfully represented victims of workplace discrimination, particularly women in cases of sexual harassment and retaliation. Tamara has a vast experience in bringing forth and settling individual and multi-plaintiff claims:
  • Tamara built a 50+ person movement against restaurant chain Twin Peaks alleging sexual harassment, gender and sexual orientation discrimination, retaliation, personal injury, and general hostile work environment charges. This case made international news, including front page news of the Chicago Tribune‘s Sunday paper (April, 2018) and front page news of the Dallas Morning News‘ Sunday paper. Additionally, Amanda Knox interviewed Tamara and her client for her show, “The Scarlet Letter Reports,” produced by Vice and Broadly (December 2018).including union disputes, school district discrimination claims, racial discrimination, and charges before the EEOC (Equal Opportunity commission. Ms. Holder’s recent successes in 2018 include but are not limited to: an allegation of workplace sexual harassment against at the corporate headquarters of restaurant chain Church’s Chicken, based in Atlanta, GA; an allegation of Asian national original discrimination against an international marketing firm based in New York City;
  • Petitions for Pardon, Clemency, and Commutation of Sentence:  Tamara has received pardons from Illinois Governors J.B. Pritzker, Bruce Rauner, and Pat Quinn. Our firm has filed over 100 petitions since 2006. In 2020, Governor Prizker commuted the sentence of her client who had been incarcerated since he was 16 years old. In 2010, she received Governor Quinn’s first commutation of sentence.. In 2008, upon the request of Governor Rod Blagojevich, she organized the “We Need Pardons” rally at the Thompson Center, where both thought leaders and people in need of clemency gathered. In 2005, she founded xpunged.com where she reviewed thousands of criminal records, successfully obtained hundreds of expungement and sealing orders for dismissed arrests, and eligible misdemeanor and felony convictions. Ms. Holder’s background in criminal defense – having successfully represented clients charged with the most extreme offenses, including murder, aggravated battery to a child, possession of drugs and guns – in addition to her countless presentations of Petitions for Clemency before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, makes her a uniquely qualified attorney for those seeking to file for a pardon, clemency, and commutation of sentence from Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.
  • Corporate Consulting: Holder also serves as a consultant for companies that are facing allegations of discrimination. Holder investigates the claim and advises the company on how to resolve the situation. Holder is not an employment defense attorney but rather proves an independent analysis based on her specialized experience.

You can view segments of “Sports Court,” – the show she co-founded, in conjunction with the online platform Sports Court Media, with her friend Linda Kenney Baden, one of our nation’s top female criminal defense lawyers.

Ms. Holder’s legal work has been recognized by our nation’s top legislators and civil rights leaders: She obtained a Congressional hearing before the Committee on Homeland Security on the issue of improper employment practices, and additionally, she testified as an expert witness on wrongful termination before the Congressional Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. In addition to running her private practice, she also founded a pro bono legal clinic at Operation Push at the request of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. where she advised and advocated for countless Chicagoans on matters of civil rights, public housing, job discrimination, and criminal justice reform.