Tamara Holder's clients receive clemency from Governor Bruce Rauner

Tamara Holder's clients receive clemency from Governor Bruce Rauner

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner granted clemency, in the form of a pardon with authorization to expunge, to two of Tamara Holder's clients today!

Both clients had retained Ms. Holder for their initial filings and both were denied by then-Governor Pat Quinn. One client was convicted of Burglary in the 80s. Another client was convicted of misdemeanor Domestic Battery in the 90s.

Ms. Holder always expresses to clients that they may be denied on their first try but that, if they keep asking and continue to present a solid petition, they will, hopefully, one day be successful.

Ms. Holder is so thankful for her clients' confidence in her work and willingness to stay the course, even if we weren't successful the first time around.

It is impossible to know "why" a pardon is not granted. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board (the body that hears all cases, regardless of whether you're in prison) only makes a confidential advisory opinion to the governor. And the governor's reason for his decision is also confidential.

But if you compile the best presentation of your life, all you can do is present a solid petition and believe that you'll be successful! 

Ms. Holder is now filing petitions for clemency, pardon, commutation of sentence before Governor J.B. Pritzker. Since 2006, she has filed nearly 120 pardons before Governors Blagojevich, Quinn, and Rauner, in addition to filing hundreds of petitions to expunge and seal.

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