Tamara Holder interviewed for "The Scarlet Letter Reports," with host Amanda Knox

Watch this episode of The Scarlet Letter Reports here

After the incident, Holder struggled with what to do; if she spoke out, others warned, she could lose her career in television. She worked in silence for as long as she could but eventually she couldn't take it anymore. "I wasn't okay," Holder says; "I was literally sleeping on my walk-in closet floor... I was losing my mind because I had kept this inside."  In the finale of The Scarlet Letter Reports, season 2 with Amanda Knox, Holder opens up about the consequences she has endured for not staying silent, and how today, as a lawyer, she works on behalf of people who've experienced sexual harassment. (Broadly article here)

Tamara is honored to have been interviewed by the Vice/Broadly team, with host Amanda Knox, about her work following her career in television. For over a decade, Tamara Holder worked as a civil rights, clemency, pardon, and criminal defense attorney, based in Chicago, Illinois.

Now, armed with her own personal experience, she has expanded her practice to help people abused in the workplace and beyond, whether it is sexual harassment at work or sexual abuse at the hands of a doctor.

Basically, she helps good people who made a mistake in the past, by asking the state's governor for forgiveness through the clemency/pardon process. And, she stands up to abusive people who have hurt someone, in the workplace or beyond.

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