Ways Discrimination Affects the Workplace

Ways Discrimination Affects the Workplace

Discrimination is legally defined as the unfavorable treatment of an employee on the basis of their traits, such as their sex, race, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, and more. While we should consider the moral implications of these abhorrent acts, we must also discuss their effects on a workplace’s environment. This article will review how discrimination affects the workplace to help others learn more about the damaging effects of bigotry in all forms.

Morale Decline

When acts of discrimination occur in the workplace, it leads to an overall decline in morale due to fear, stress, depression, and anxiety. For employees, it can feel like a no-win situation that they can’t escape, especially when it isn’t possible to simply leave. Over time, resentment towards management will begin to build, forming an overall more negative environment and attitude that impacts everyone.

Productivity Impacts

In a similar vein of morale loss, productivity will also take a nosedive. If an employee can’t focus on their job due to stress and fear, how can they effectively do their work? Employees are the lynchpin of a functioning business, and if their productivity declines, it will create a domino effect that can result in a negative impact on the overall standing of a company. When employees disengage, it erodes job satisfaction; if people don’t want to work for a business, that business will fail.

Turnover Increase

Demoralization will eventually lead to valued employees quitting if left unchecked and unfixed, which can create a ripple of resignations. This doesn’t just affect turnover rates, as applicants will catch wind of dissatisfaction, whether from online reviews, social media posts, or current employees warning candidates.

Not to mention that recruitment is a costly and lengthy process, not including the time and effort it takes to train a new employee. Overall, you will lose loyal, competent workers and have to spend more of the company’s resources finding, training, and retaining new ones. Discrimination affects the workplace in a way that creates an environment of negativity and fear.

Unfortunately, many discriminatory acts can lead to unfair dismissal, especially when the perpetrator is in management. If you or a loved one has experienced discrimination in the workplace or have been wrongfully terminated due to discrimination, The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder can help. We specialize in discrimination cases and can put you in contact with one of our experienced unfair dismissal lawyers to help get you the representation and compensation you deserve.

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